board of directors

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Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors is a team of hardworking, dedicated individuals who donate their time, effort and experience in a variety of ways to benefit all members of the club. Each member has been voted onto the board at the Annual General Meeting for a term of two years. This board is committed to the management of the skating club. Although skating runs from September to May, the board works very hard all year long. The summer is spent preparing all the necessary paperwork and making all the decisions that will determine the success of the following skating season.


Cindy Melanson 

Past President 


Vice President/Test Chair

Melissa Grona 


Becky Bourgeois 



Carly Toppozini 



Cathie Spithoff 


Volunteer Chair

Zoe Arsenault 


Publicity Chair

John Ongaro 


House and Music Chair

Ashley Pelto 


Fundraising 1

Tammy Dunn 


Fundraising 2

Rebecca Hagdu 


Bingo Chair

Prakash Shrestha 


Competition Chair

Victoria Racco 


Director of Skating

Kim Blake