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The purpose of the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club shall be to encourage the instruction, practice, enjoyment and advancement of its members in all aspects of skating, in accordance with the Rules, Policies and Procedures of Skate Canada.



The Port Arthur arena is home to the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club.  The ice surface is 85’ x 185’ or 15,725 sq ft. and the rink has a seating capacity of slightly less than 1000.   Port Arthur Arena is owned by the City of Thunder Bay and any concerns related to the arena and its facilities should be addressed to the city.



A Reflection of the Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club

By Erin Kostick- Perozak


The history of our skating club dates back to about 1914. Our figure skating club went through many different names including The Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club, The Port Arthur-Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club and The Port Arthur Figure Skating Club.

In 1933, there was only one existing figure skating club in Thunder Bay which operated out of the Prince of Wales Arena. The club lost its home when the arena became an armory in 1942.


The Club was relocated to the Port Arthur Civic Arena which was located at 70 North Court Street but in 1959, found themselves homeless again when that building was condemned. Some of the skaters joined the Fort William Figure Skating Club to continue their training; others skated at an outdoor rink in the Port Arthur Stadium. Four years later, the new Port Arthur Arena was opened and The Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club found its present home.

Registration rates were once as low as $15.00 in the 1950′s and the membership divisions were by age only, not by skating ability. The learn-to-skate members as well as seasoned competitors shared the same ice surface for lessons. The registration rates for in the late 1990′s had risen to a minimum of $170.00 and skaters were then divided by test level, not by age.

The Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club has always entertained the community with its annual ice show. These productions date back to 1933 with the “Ice Fantasy” and we continue that tradition at the end of every skating season with the present “Stars on Ice Extravaganza.” With fantastic costumes, choreography, music, backdrop and transformed ice surface and of course, our own talented and skilled skaters, our Ice Show continues to thrill our Thunder Bay audiences year after year!

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