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Our club is run solely on volunteers who selflessly give their time to run the club on a daily basis and to organize events for the success of the club and its skaters. Without the help and support of our invaluable volunteers, we would not have a club.


We are always looking for new volunteers. Volunteering offers you the satisfaction of selfless giving, the satisfaction of a job well done and the opportunity to spend quality time with your skater while they participate in the sport they enjoy.


Winter Session

Volunteers are always needed to assist in fundraising.


Test Days

A volunteer is need to set up hospitality. This usually requires setting up a light lunch, coffee and snacks for other volunteers and officials.



Many volunteers are needed at both competitions. We need volunteers to assist in registration, front door sales, hospitality, runners to bring results to the accounting room, ice captains to confirm that all skaters are accounted for and ready to skate at their allotted time, advertising, donations, designing and printing programs and decorating the front lobby. Fathers with tools are need for set up and take down. These are just a few of the jobs we need volunteers for.



Volunteers are always needed at the bingos. You may view bingo dates on the bingo page or you may contact the Bingo Chair for more information.


Ice Show

Ice show requires many, many volunteer. Before the Ice Show even begins, we need volunteers for program printing and poster design, line conveners for costume lines, sewers and crafty people for props, ticket sales, advertising, media relations


During the two shows, we need volunteers for ticket sales, DVD sales, hospitality, program sales, dressing room attendants just to name a few jobs. Fathers with tools are needed for set up and take down and those with electrical and carpentry experience are always most welcome!


Annual Awards Banquet and AGM

Volunteers are needed to collect donations for the penny auction and for prizes and to help package the donations and number them in preparation for the auction.


If you are interested in volunteering your time, or if you are in high school and need volunteer hours please contact the club.

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