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Parent + Tot Pre-CanSkate (Ages 3-5)

This program has been developed for skaters who require assistance. This program allows the skaters to receive hands-on assistance getting up and maneuvering on the ice, from someone they are comfortable with.

This program focuses on learning through FUN! High energy music, actions songs and toys, create an inviting learning environment for any young child learning to skate.

Adults and skaters will participate in small group lessons led by an NCCP Certified Professional Coaches. 


Upon mastering the skills in this program, skaters will move into our CanSkate program, where they will skate without hands on assistance.

Both the skater and the adult must be registered with Skate Canada. As such, the same adult is required to
attend each class. When registering for this class, please be sure to add the CHILD class and the corresponding ADULT class to your cart.

Note:  Parents/adults must be 18 years of age and have basic skating skills (balance on 2 feet, move forwards
and stop). CSA approved helmets are required for both parent/adult and skater. 

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